Automations is live!
With Automations, you can now design detailed customer journeys, automate email communications and personalize your customer interactions. With the intuitive drag and drop builder, custom delays, journey splits, tags, and lists, you can now automate all your communications with your prospects and customers.
Create precise email flows, increase conversion efficiency and save time with added automation options.
Read more about this new feature on our blog.
Shopify Pages are here!
Shopify Pages by Mailmunch is now live 🥳. You can now make changes to your Shopify Home, Collections, Product, and Password pages, all from within the Mailmunch app. Introduce changes to themes, images, products, and much more, so that your store visitors enjoy a beautiful and optimized store.
Open any of Mailmunch’s apps from your Shopify store to experience Shopify Pages by Mailmunch.
For more details, read up on Shopify Pages on our blog.
Recover Abandoned Carts (Shopify)
Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify stores is here! Click on New Campaign and select
Abandoned Cart Flow
to instantly create your automated email flow. After that, all you have to do is review the emails we automatically create and then start the flow! Takes less than 5 minutes.
Try it out right now.
Drip Email Sequence
You can now create drip sequences of beautiful emails that will automatically be delivered to all your new subscribers. Use drip sequences to welcome new contacts and introduce them to your product.
To start, click on Create New Campaign and select
Drip Sequence
For more details, go to this help article.
Embed Products into your layouts
Use our brand new Products tool in the drag-n-drop builder to fetch and embed products details into your layouts. If you're connected to Shopify, it is as easy as picking your product from a list, and we will do all the rest.
Mailmunch fetches the images, titles, descriptions and pricing from your store and lays them out perfectly as a product listing. Then you can go ahead and customize the layout to make it your own!
Spinwheel Forms
Use Spinwheels to gamify your popup forms and multiply your conversion rate! Games are a great way to engage your audience and give them the thrill of winning.
No one can resist the opportunity to spin the wheel for a chance to win something!
2020-09-21 17
Shopify Coupons
Create and sync discount codes with Shopify from inside your Mailmunch app. Deliver master and dynamic coupons automatically using the coupon tool in Autoresponders.
All Shopify users will see the Coupons tab in the top bar of the app.
Use Master coupons for site-wide discounts that apply to all your customers. or create unique dynamic coupons that are created specifically for individual customers and expire after a single use.
Countdown Timer
Create urgency in your marketing campaigns with our new countdown timers that can be used in forms, landing pages or emails.
File Attachments (PDF)
You can now easily deliver your lead magnets using the file attachments feature in forms, landing pages, and emails.
Sendy Integration
A brand new integration for Sendy has been launched.
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